Fresh and Naked Conkling Just for You

Green Conkling

50 (fifty) crinkly naked dio dollars

Conkling at dios-mini-price. we sell your very own specialized custom conkling at dio's big mini price! (Warning: May contain accidental big mini!)

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Customer Testamonial

"DIO got me my very own conkling at a reasonable and mini price! (conkling) Now that We have conklingproofed our house, he spends his days jumping for the teat! After all, everything must be soft and precious for our little angel."

-Pucci, Florida

"i need a lifehack to rid this slippory thing from my dounstairs shitter. leaving a radio on in there has failed to work,, i have sprayed him with salt water and he simply eyeballs me back. do not want to cause harm to him, just want him out of my house. his ribberts spook me."

-Jolyne, Florida



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